LOI 0006 Kristine Kennedy

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0006 Kristine Kennedy

In episode 6 of Loan Officer Impact, Kristine Kennedy talks about how she left her 17-year career as an in-house loan officer at a real estate company as a single mom and built her own successful business in Jacksonville, Florida.

Creating the Ability to Make Your Own Choices

Kristine is no longer at the mercy of company brokers. She sets her schedule, chooses her team, and decides when to work and when to spend time with her family. No more mandatory late nights or weekends unless she decides to do those things.

How She Got There

Kristine describes how she found her motivation and path to help people achieve their dreams of homeownership. She advocates subscribing to the right mindset, trusting your team, and following a daily checklist. Having a plan, hiring your first assistant, and starting your day with the proper focus have been game-changing.

Kristine Controls Her Day

Get to know Kristine Kennedy and how she approaches her goals and loves what she does. These things make her CEO of Kristine Kennedy, Inc. Her team responds to her emails, answers her phone, and completes a daily checklist. Hence, she has time to focus on high-level activities and can be confident that she turns in an incredible file one hundred percent of the time.

Kristine Has A Servant’s Heart

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