LOI 0024 Andy Dautrich

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0024 Andy Dautrich

Andy Dautrich joins Kevin and Ryan on Loan Officer Impact this week to discuss adaptation, strategy, and technology.

Andy is incredibly focused on growing and refining his business. A heavy ingredient to Andy’s ‘secret sauce’ is Mortgage Coach. If you’re in the industry, and we assume you are, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this, then you know Mortgage Coach can be a potent tool when forging relationships with your clients. Mortgage Coach and Sales Boomerang recently merged to become Trust Engine – but we’ll save that for another episode.

Delivering Value

Making sure to take notes during the initial conversation or ‘interview’ with a client, Andy goes back to his software, plugs in some numbers, and can generate scenarios based on the information he collected during the interview. Andy claims he has access to software that only a few companies have, so this process may seem slightly different because the process, the numbers, and the strategy would be completely customized to his clients.

Opportunity via Technology

Andy discusses the benefits of having a unique, in-house technology stack but warns that many great loan officers are becoming too reliant on the technology alone. You still want to reach out to your prequals and check-in, and you still want to stay in front of the referrals that aren’t yet under contract. With the right blend of technology and communication strategy, Andy walks us through his process of implementing a great communication strategy that relies on technology, can be a powerful tool, and in most cases, generate more and more referral simply because Andy can completely customize his borrower experiences.

Educating Realtors and Building a Stronger Referral Database

Another advantage of Andy’s technology approach is that he can put the Realtor in front of the same information that the Realtor’s buyers receive. Even if that Realtor is not a referral partner, they are starting to see this new technology in action. Not only is this game-changing for the Realtor, but it also allows Andy and his team the opportunity to forge new relationships with Realtors.

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