LOI 0018 Mike Cardascia & Erica Homefield

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0018 Mike Cardascia & Erica Homefield

Two coaching loan officers are joining us on Loan Officer Impact this week! Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt are interviewing Michael Cardascia and Erica Homefield on this week’s episode. You may know these two from Carl White’s Mortgage Marketing Animals (MMA) team. Mike is the director of MMA’s business expansion and is located in Palm Harbor, FL. He’s been with MMA for just over four years. Erica Homefield has been with MMA since September 2019. Together, they do the Loan Officer Success podcast. For years, Mike and Erica have been coaching loan officers and helping them find more freedom by offering practical advice and shaping strategies around successful loan officers.

Why you need a system that works with your Daily Success Plan

Mike talks about the first thing he asks new loan officers in the program, “How many referral-generating strategies or systems do you have today?”
Generally, this is a loosely answered question, but he seldom has a loan officer respond with any existing system. This is one of the most fundamental places to start applying effort that will, without a doubt, create a result. Mike explains the strategy, what a Daily Success Plan is, and, more importantly, what a system is.

Five pieces to the plan

How are you defining your plan, and how are you remaining accountable to your goal? These pieces are crucial to executing your plan and staying consistent. Perhaps more importantly, your mindset is critical to defining and implementing your plan. You must believe in yourself!

How to get to the next level in your business

Everything you need to get started is right here in this podcast. In a short, 15-minute podcast, Mike, Erica, Ryan, and Kevin reveal the secret sauce in putting yourself on the path to success – you want to catch this episode.
Mike and Erica also run their podcast called Loan Officer Success. You can find it on your favorite streaming service. If you’d like to schedule some time to talk shop with the MMA team, go to www.loscall.com to set up some time to chat.

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If you’d like to schedule a 15 min intro/strategy call with Kevin, go to http://www.GrowingwithKevin.com to book some time. To check out our growing Loan Officer Impact Podcasts library, visit http://loanofficerimpact.com.

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