LOI 0029 Athena Pena

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0029 Athena Pena

In this episode of Loan Officer Impact, hosts Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt discuss the current state of the market with Athena Pena, a loan officer based in Texas. They discuss the current state of the market, referring to it as an “opportunistic market” rather than a challenging one. 

Athena shares her transition from a loan officer assistant to a commission loan officer during a difficult time in the mortgage industry. Athena talks about her decision to follow coaching and instruction instead of relying on her entrepreneurial instincts. She mentions her experience with Mortgage Marketing Animals coaching and the Daily Success Plan (DSP), which she implemented without making changes.

One specific strategy Athena shares is sending market updates to real estate agents. She sent out weekly market updates with her face on easy-to-create graphics. This branding approach helped her stay visible to the agents and establish herself as a trusted resource. She emphasizes the importance of getting her face in front of people and creating a personal connection.

Athena mentions using videos for industry-related announcements or special occasions like Thanksgiving. She believes finding common ground with potential clients enhances their willingness to meet and work with her.

The conversation shifts to the significance of building a personal brand and establishing trust in the mortgage industry. Athena highlights the importance of connecting with people and being liked and trusted by them. She emphasizes that business relationships are not solely based on mortgage knowledge but on personal relationships and trust.

Throughout the episode, they discuss the power of branding, establishing personal connections, and consistently staying in front of the right people to succeed in the mortgage industry. Athena’s experience exemplifies how following proven strategies and adapting marketing techniques can lead to business growth and success.

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