LOI 0028 Elizabeth Smith

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LOI 0028 Elizabeth Smith

Elizabeth Smith joins us from Detroit, Oregon—a small mountain town in the Oregon Cascades ravaged by the 2020 wildfires. Elizabeth and her husband play crucial roles in the rebuilding efforts in that area. Getting the community back on its feet is something that Elizabeth is passionate about. No small task, Elizabeth also touches on all this being possible by the level of support she has received from her team in the corporate offices.

What is the thought process around making moves in the Mortgage Industry?

Bigger isn’t always better. One of Elizabeth’s struggles was around the support she was getting from her corporate offices. Some of these larger outfits offer a different level of support than she sought. She discovered she was also the janitor, IT, and running multiple branches. Elizabeth and the team recently moved to Success Mortgage Partners and have been extremely happy with their “Hybrid” offering. Elizabeth is thrilled to run a branch, write loans, and have a solid team underneath her to support her business at SMP. In Oregon, Elizabeth’s team coined, “We’re bringing Success to the West!”

“I get to make it my own.”

Communication and transparency are essential to Elizabeth and her business. Elizabeth can make a phone call to talk to the right person when there are issues. When Elizabeth has an idea, she can make a call and bounce that off someone that can help her implement the concept or build upon the idea further. All in all, Elizabeth gets to be authentic with her business, develop her brand, and offer support to the team. These are essential things for most loan officers today.

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