LOI 0037 Ryan Surratt

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0037 Ryan Surratt

In this captivating episode of Loan Officer Impact, join host Ryan Surratt as he takes you on a journey exploring the powerful concept of “The Law of the Harvest.” In the absence of the host, Kevin, Ryan goes solo to delve into this timeless success principle that can be applied to both business and personal life.

Drawing inspiration from Galatians Chapter six in the Bible, Ryan breaks down the three essential components of the Law of the Harvest. First, “You reap what you sow,” emphasizes the significance of planting the right seeds in your business relationships. He elaborates on the crucial actions of going out, meeting referral sources, and effectively communicating your message as a high-class loan originator.

Next, Ryan emphasizes, “You sow more than you reap.” He reveals the importance of consistently nurturing and watering your planted seeds. By taking small but impactful steps, such as sending personalized notes, birthday cards, or thoughtful texts, you can strengthen your relationships and create a tribe of loyal referral partners.

Finally, Ryan focuses on “You sow later than you reap.” He highlights the need to harvest the fruits of your efforts by having a capable team that executes loan origination with precision. Ryan underscores the significance of timely communication, proper structuring, and effective lead follow-up, which collectively contribute to a bountiful harvest.

Throughout the episode, Ryan shares personal anecdotes and insights from his journey as a loan officer, providing relatable examples to drive home the principles of the Law of the Harvest. Whether you’re a seasoned loan officer or just starting in the industry, this episode offers valuable tips to cultivate success, achieve consistent business growth, and build a life of freedom.

Tune in to this enlightening episode of Loan Officer Impact and discover how embracing the Law of the Harvest can transform your business and elevate your success. For more loan officer tools, tips, and resources, visit successunlimitedus.com, and to connect with Ryan, visit resultswithryan.com. Take advantage of this empowering podcast that aims to help loan officers achieve their goals and find greater fulfillment in their professional lives. Catch it now and sow the seeds of success!

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