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LOI 0002 Tony Jeary

Episode One of Loan Officer Impact was a HIT!

Loan Officer Impact Podcast episode two drops TODAY! Kevin Broughton designed this podcast to educate EVERY SINGLE loan officer on Strategic Mindset, Clarity, Focus, Execution, Force Multipliers, Leadership, and Mastery in their business.

Episode Two focuses on Clarity and Prioritization with Tony Jeary

This week Kevin interviews The RESULTS Guy, Tony Jeary. When many of the world’s top achievers seek a strategic expert to help them accelerate their results, they are eventually drawn to Tony Jeary. Tony has partnered with fortune 500 companies to bring clarity, focus, and execution to the forefront of the company’s mission. Coaching some of the world’s top CEO to create value, best-practice, and “Always give more than is expected.” Even the U.S. Senate has commissioned Tony to bring his methodology to Washington.

Providing value through Strategic Gifting

Kevin and Tony dive into Strategic Gifting and talk about how this is such an easy, long-lasting way to not only forge new relationships but stay relevant and memorable in the future. This is one of many simple principles discussed during this 22-minute podcast.

Join us for episode two of Loan Officer Impact, and keep a notepad ready. So many great nuggets of information could easily be integrated into YOUR business and YOUR Strategic Mindset.

If you’re just finding us, check out our first episode! Kevin interviews a legend in the Loan Officer coaching space, Carl White!

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