LOI 0015 Frank Garay

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0015 Frank Garay

Frank Garay joins Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt on Loan Officer Impact. If you need  to get more familiar with Frank Garay or any of his podcasts, we HIGHLY recommend  checking out Loan Officer Breakfast Club. Frank is part of the Mortgage Marketing Animals. Every week, Frank speaks with Loan Officers around the nation to talk about all things Sales in the mortgage industry and many other topics. Frank also hosts a segment for Gizmos and Gadgets that create efficiencies for loan officers – another strong recommendation if you still need to check that out.

What’s happening in the mortgage industry?

So many people with a voice express their opinions on where we are in the current state of the industry. There is still a lot of pessimism on whether or not we’re starting to see some improvement or if it’s getting worse. Today, Frank digs deep into the topic. With north of 20 years in the industry and the distinct privilege of talking to so many intelligent people in the mortgage space, Frank breaks down some of the narratives around rates, inventory, and opportunity.

Realtors and Consumer Direct

So many clients – 80% or more, start with the Realtor before connecting with a loan officer. Unless you’re in a Consumer Direct scenario, you know your referral partners funnel your borrowers into your pipeline. Frank and Ryan discuss providing “something of value” to your referral partners and clients and how critical it is not to become too comfortable or fall into the “friend zone” with them. It is happening too often; loan officers are getting a bit too comfortable and no longer providing the same service they did when trying to get that referral partner’s referrals!

The typical Originator/Realtor dynamic demystified

In the most straightforward words, Frank describes what is happening with so many, if not most, relationships that loan officers have with their Realtors and referral partners – take notes! You need to hear this interview piece as it’s LOADED with truth and, more importantly, solutions!

Thanks for tuning into Loan Officer Impact with Kevin Broughton. Week after week, Kevin interviews some of the Mortgage Industry’s top Loan Officers, Influencers, and Masterminds. Remember to like and subscribe to the podcast. You can find Loan Officer Impact on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, and Audible.

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