LOI 0005 Sue Meitner

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0005 Sue Meitner

Today on Loan Officer Impact, Sue Meitner, Branch President of CLG in Maple Glen, PA, joins us to talk about execution. Execution for Sue and her team relies on a sense of process, and process is one of the driving forces for her and her team.

Illustrating Execution

Social media has become a passion for Sue and her team. Much of the process of creating a social media presence was borrowed from every other process that Sue and her team has worked on mastering every single day.

Presentation Mastery, Time Management, and Strategic Selling

These are three of the things that generate real results for Sue and her team. Asking questions, like, “how do we become masters of our industry?” and “are we using the right technology to convey our messages?”.

On the first episode of Loan Officer Impact, we discussed the importance of Focus, Clarity, and Execution. Today, Brian Methner gave us an incredible example of focus. Starting from our last episode with Ryan Miller, we talk about clarity and what it takes to get clear. Today we dig into focus and what Brian Methner is doing with his branch, and next, we will talk about execution with Sue Meitner, Branch President of CLG in Maple Glen, PA. When we combine these three things and work on them collectively and independently, there is no reason we can’t achieve goals. Loan Officer Impact seeks to speak with professionals that are crushing it and share their stories, experiences, and advice on how they’re succeeding – even thriving in today’s market.

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