LOI 0031 Mike Steplowski

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0031 Mike Steplowski

In this week’s podcast episode, Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt from Loan Officer Impact introduce their guest, Mike Steplowski, a mortgage professional from Nashville, Tennessee. The podcast aims to give loan officers impactful insights and strategies to improve their business and lead more fulfilling lives.

Mike’s Journey in the Mortgage Industry

Mike Steplowski shares his journey into the mortgage industry, starting in September 2007. He initially worked in Maryland, focusing on internet refinancing. In 2009, he moved to Nashville, specifically Mt. Juliet, and transitioned to a purpose-driven business model by building relationships with realtors for purchase transactions.

The conversation then shifts to Mike’s expertise in the niche market of manufactured housing. He explains how he stumbled into this market about six or seven years ago, initially facing challenges but eventually mastering the process. Mike highlights that manufactured housing has been a valuable door opener for his business, allowing him to connect with realtors and showcase his team’s capabilities.

Practical Strategies to Build Your Business

One effective strategy Mike discusses is sending daily emails to listing agents, sharing information about new manufactured home listings in the market. This approach helps him connect with realtors and provides them with unique value-added content. He emphasizes the authenticity and success of this strategy in generating business opportunities.

This episode of Loan Officer Impact offers loan officers insights into Mike Steplowski’s journey in the mortgage industry, his niche expertise in manufactured housing, and a practical strategy for connecting with realtors. Listeners can gain valuable tips to enhance their business and achieve more success in their careers.

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