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LOI 0021 Kimberly Johnson

We have an incredible guest this week, Kimberly Johnson. Kimberly is the definition of “Leadership Evolved.” Speaking with us today from Abilene, Texas, Kimberly recently took a Branch Manager role. Her day-to-day activities are focused, structured, and overall, Kimberly has a plan. Today we talk about mentors, High-leverage activities, and how to build a team of rock stars.

Trust, Communication, and Accountability

These three components are the backbone of building a successful team, and these are things that Kim looks for in everyone she works with. There is always room for improvement and tons of learning opportunities; however, having the proper focus and attention to the things that create a solid and goal-oriented team has been a proven strategy throughout Kim’s time in the mortgage industry – even before running a branch.

Daily Strategies or Themes for the Team

Every day of the week has a strategy wrapped around it. The proper process is perfect to remain consistent in your focus and accountable for all activities. Throughout the week, Kim touches on the daily objectives her team runs through to ensure that they’re communicating with the pipeline, tapping the database, running Thor’s Hammer and Focus 40, then touching their pre-approved and looking leads.

Doing these things weekly and consistently is the formula for success. Please tune in to get a more in-depth explanation of how Kim does this with her team. We’re talking 15,000 touches to her database, clients, and referral partners, per year!

Becoming the Go-To person in your Community

Community is a massive focus for Kimberly and her business. ‘People’ are the reason we do this, right? So making sure that there are plenty of activities wrapped around education, local events, charities, churches, and nonprofits, and jumping in to help other professionals in the Community grow their businesses. These are the things that “make our hearts happy.”

The best advice is to get involved in the Community. This is a great way to build your brand and become the go-to for people and professionals around you.

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