LOI 0019 Dale Vermillion

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0019 Dale Vermillion

We have an icon in the industry joining us today on Loan Officer Impact. Dale Vermillion has impacted more lives in the mortgage industry than we can fathom. Whether you’re a loan officer, operations manager, or team lead, Dale has potentially touched your life with his knowledge, experience, and expertise.

Dale is a terrific father, husband, and man of faith. He’s worked for many of the large depository banks, as well as IMBs all over the country. We’re so happy to be able to bring all of you this talk today.

Let’s talk about what we’re seeing on a National Level.

It’s essential to understand what’s going on out there; however, what most people “know” is what they hear in the news – and that’s probably bad news!
The fact of the matter is, this market has so many positive things happening – you have to look closely. Items that are on the up and up, and we talk about inventory, builder confidence, affordability, and more! So many benefits that are looking more and more like a Buyer’s market – but the media, the general consumer, is hyper-concerned about interest rates. You have to look at this market with the right mindset. This market is truly an opportunistic market!

The power of doubling down on your database today before the rates continue their way down

Approximately 35% of the mortgage industry is gone from what we had in 2022. While there is less competition, building your network and hitting your database has never been more critical. The two things loan officers need to focus on are “mindset and methodology.” Dale talks about these two powerful things and how they impact the performance and the result of many loan officers today.
Brian Tracy said, “Winners make a habit of manufacturing their own positive expectations in advance of the event.”
This is truly a powerful statement. Something we encourage everyone to try doing, regardless of their profession.

How to stay in the moment and remain committed to the action.

You have to go back to the old analogy of sewing and reaping – this is so important to remember and to scale this message one step further as things continue to change, expand, and contract. What does sewing and reaping mean to you? More prospecting calls? More coffee appointments with referral partners? Touch on your database. Have the right approach! Are you still sending text messages? Are you still sending emails? Have you taken new approaches to the same problem? Dale runs through a list of things you should consider when asking yourself, “and I truly committed to the action.”

The last ten minutes of the talk tie everything together; you want to tune into this interview with Dale Vermillion. We’re so grateful for such an excellent opportunity to listen to Dale share some of his experience, knowledge, and commitment. Dale’s purpose, faith, and moral compass are dialed in to help others; put others first.

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