LOI 0011 Doug Cadaret

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0011 Doug Cadaret

Loan Officer Coach Doug Cadaret joins Kevin on today’s episode of Loan Officer Impact. Kevin and Doug have had the pleasure of working together for the past 15 years. Doug has coached hundreds of loan officers Nationwide, from coast to coast, and helped them to grow better businesses. Doug has developed the CARE Model – how he defines a successful transaction.

What is the CARE Model?

Creating Abundant Referrable Experiences – a fancy way of saying that we generate thank you’s and ask for the business – intentionally and consistently. We do this with Clarity. When we get a referral and create an Experience, we should be able to go back and ask for more referrals.

No one is playing Checkers anymore; they’re playing Chess.

2022 was a hard dose of reality. If you’re going to gain market share in this business in 2023, you’ve got to be able to play Chess – you’ve got to be MORE for your Referral Partners. Realtors are learning how to play Chess today. They were playing Checkers 2 – 3 years ago, but today, they’re learning how to play Chess, and they want Loan Officers that are also learning to play, or better yet – already know how to play Chess, to be a partner in their business.

Why do some Loan Officers achieve incredible results, and some do not?

It’s simple. Those that have a plan tend to succeed. People that show up to work on Monday with a plan and leave the office Monday night with a plan for the next day and the next day. Exercising a plan and being consistent is not magic; it just works.

$360,000 Annual Business for doing one thing once a day

Please tune in to listen to Doug and Kevin break down all the minutia on what it takes to become repeatably successful in your business, no matter where you are or which company you work with. You will not be disappointed.

If you’d like to schedule a 15 min intro/strategy call with Kevin, go to https://www.GrowingwithKevin.com to book some time. If you’d like to check out our growing library of Loan Officer Impact Podcasts, visit https://www.loanofficerimpact.com.

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