LOI 0007 John Fleig

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0007 John Fleig

In episode 7 of Loan Officer Impact, John Fleig, from the Philadelphia area, talks about how he has found success by staying committed to what works and the relationships he’s continued to grow and nurture. The kind of success that makes John a 50-million-dollar Loan Officer, even in this down market.

Turning a Career into a Business and a Business into a Calling

With 31 years in the mortgage industry, mortgages are all John has ever done, and he’s seen just about everything. John discusses his commitment to making a conscious effort to build the business, not just his income, and never pulling away from critical strategies that contribute to building the business – even when the market shifts.

Presentation Mastery

The power of stepping back to think more instead of doing more and taking a new approach of meeting as many people as possible; John took to teaching and education. Offering a valuable service such as educating his potential realtor/referral partners has allowed John to get in front of 100 -150 agents weekly.

Communication is essential – especially during this changing market. John recommends that all Loan Officers and Originators have at least five presentations ready at a moment’s notice. Not just conversation points but actual PowerPoint presentations on topics that provide value. This builds trust and confidence in his partners, and as a result, he continues to get repeat business from his base of referral partners.


Asking for Business and Support

“At the end of the day, you must ask for their support and business.” Not being afraid of the ask – ask for their trust with confidence, not arrogance. Too often, Loan Officers will assume that having a good conversation or quick connection will result in a potential referral partner just handing over business. This doesn’t usually work. Displaying confidence and trust will only get you so far. It would help if you asked for their business and support.

Developing Your Team

Money will find the right actions. When we start cutting out the noise and focus on clarity and execution, we find that our reality begins to change, and we find that we spend more time doing high-leverage activities.

Surround yourself with people who do things better than you, and by being open to new ideas. John approaches his team without ego and is continuously available to new processes or tweaks to current methods. Listening to people around you to learn new ideas and new concepts – no one is bigger than this business

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