LOI 0030 Steve Kyles

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0030 Steve Kyles

In this episode of Loan Officer Impact, Kevin Broughton introduces his guest, Steve Kyles, a highly respected and productive mortgage professional. Kevin praises Steve for his focus and productivity, considering him the most exceptional mortgage person he has encountered in years.

The conversation revolves around the key strategies and practices that loan officers can adopt to succeed in the challenging mortgage market. Kevin asks Steve about the one thing loan officers should prioritize to thrive rather than survive. Steve emphasizes the importance of outbound prospecting calls and shares his insights based on his experience in the industry.

Steve explains that having a dedicated time block for making outbound calls to qualified agents can transform a loan officer’s business. He highlights the significance of focus, emphasizing the need to avoid distractions like social media or email. By consistently making targeted calls, loan officers can increase their chances of generating more business and securing relational referrals.

Steve provides examples of loan officers who have implemented this strategy and achieved impressive results. He stresses the value of persistence, acknowledging that rejection is part of the process but pushing past it can lead to success. He also emphasizes the significance of building and maintaining relationships with qualified agents to ensure a steady business flow.

Steve further discusses the impact of market shifts on loan officers’ businesses and reveals surprising insights about the number of agents who actively refer business. He emphasizes adapting and focusing on working with qualified agents to maintain business growth.

Overall, this podcast episode highlights the power of outbound prospecting calls and the importance of focus and persistence in the mortgage industry. Loan officers can learn valuable strategies and gain inspiration from Steve’s experiences and success stories to enhance their performance and thrive in a challenging market.

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