LOI 0022 Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt

Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0022 Kevin Broughton and Ryan Surratt

This week on Loan Officer Impact, Ryan Surratt and Kevin Broughton discuss the concept of Strategic Discipline, which they believe is crucial for loan officers to succeed in any market. They argue that lack of discipline is why loan officers fail. Strategic discipline involves implementing strategic and disciplined practices within one’s daily workflow, even when facing challenging situations. Successful loan officers practice Strategic Discipline every hour of every day, regardless of external factors.

What is Mandatory for a Successful Business?

According to Kevin, Strategic Discipline is a mandatory component of a successful business. He defines it as the ability to be strategic and disciplined in one’s approach to work, even when faced with distractions or competing priorities. The hosts stress the importance of being strategic and disciplined from the start of the day, and they urge loan officers to prioritize their daily tasks and stay focused on achieving their goals. They emphasize that loan officers who consistently practice Strategic Discipline thrive in the challenging market while those lacking it struggle to succeed.


Attract & Retain Referral Partners

According to Kevin, loan officers who practice Strategic Discipline must be able to attract and retain referral partners. They must be disciplined and strategic in approaching every task, especially when attracting new clients. Kevin explains that his team mandates accountability, which requires him to schedule his days in advance and set goals for himself every week. He spends multiple hours prospecting daily and follows the advice of a business guru named Peter Drucker, who said that a loan officer’s job is to create, keep, or grow a client. Kevin takes this advice to heart and is always looking for ways to provide value to his clients, whether by helping them acquire wealth or investment property. The key to Strategic Discipline is to stay focused on one’s goals and be disciplined in implementing the necessary actions to achieve them.


Creating, Keeping, and Growing Clients

The three aspects of a job in the mortgage business – creating a client, keeping a client, and growing a client. To create a client, one must find someone from the general public who needs a mortgage or attract a referral partner who can refer people needing mortgages. To keep a client, one needs to provide value and stay in touch with them, and to grow a client; one must show them avenues to have a better life through using the company’s products. The speaker emphasizes the importance of strategic discipline in carrying out these tasks amidst distractions and noise in the world.

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