LOI 0013 Alex Kutsishin

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LOI 0013 Alex Kutsishin

Today we’re spending a few minutes with Alex Kutsishin of Sales Boomerang and Mortgage Coach. We’ve had an ongoing relationship with Alex over the last couple of years. Alex and his team work daily to build next-level tools to help Loan Officers develop their businesses.

Adversity is the Seed of Equal or Greater Opportunity

Recently, Sales Boomerang joined forces with Mortgage Coach – some of the fastest-growing technology companies in the mortgage space. 2022 presented many challenges in our industry. Not only were Loan Officers deeply affected, but so were the companies, vendors, and partners that helped us provide value to our clients, borrowers, and referral partners. Alex talks about what he and his team have done to take some of that growth momentum and work on growing from within – creating efficiencies, looking at the business objectively, and reinforcing their foundation, to continue their growth trend. They took the opportunity to get better.

What is Sales Boomerang?

In its simplest form, consider Sales Boomerang as the “Hunter of your database .”It will send you an alert whenever someone in your database lists their home or has some ‘life event’ that would qualify them for a loan, such as a credit score change. Sales Boomerang can even send an alert if a past client or lead has their credit pulled by another financial institution. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

The Road Ahead

With a strong vision and new leadership, Sales Boomerang is setting its sights on becoming one of the most relevant data companies in this space and beyond. This data-driven business model is a term that describes the constant utilization of data to inform processes and decision-making in a company. This model systematically uses data insights in every company department and is driven “from the top down.”

We are thrilled to have a great relationship with Alex and everyone over at Sales Boomerang. If you’re a follower of the Podcast, you know that we like to be strategic in everything we do – including our partnerships. Sales Boomerang allows Loan Officers to be insanely strategic and position themselves to focus on the relationships, and their clients, instead of lead generation.

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