LOI 0025 Sarah Cox

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0025 Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox, senior Loan Officer from the Dallas – Fort Worth Texas market, joins us this week on Loan Officer Impact. Sarah spent time reflecting on when she got back into Loan Origination full-time. A close friend of Sarah’s told her about Mortgage Marketing Animals. Even though Sarah had never received coaching, engaging with MMA (Mortgage Marketing Animals) has been life-changing.

Sticking to the plan

“Whatever is on the inside of you comes out.” Sarah discusses how she navigates her day, fills herself up to be the best, and does her best for herself, her clients, and her co-workers. Consistency and adherence to what she learned from her mentors and coaches have been a game-changer. Sarah drives home the idea that you can’t be halfway in – you must be all the way in to succeed and compete in this space.

Operational Excellence

Being part of Operations and ensuring that things are happening on the backend is something that Sarah enjoys doing. She has a team behind her that does much of the heavy lifting, allowing Sarah to focus on the relationship. In addition to overseeing the operations of her team, Sarah talks about working with and growing her referral base with something called “Strategic gifting.”

Core Values

As an essential topic for Sarah and everyone involved in her business, Core Values play a pivotal role in her relationships with her partners and agents. Transparency and accountability are so important in the day-to-day operations. Setting expectations and managing to a result has helped Sarah succeed in a relatively short time. Many of these core values are things that Sarah has gained from working with her mentors and coaches and, of course, working with the MMA Team.

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