LOI 0034 Amber Maurer

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LOI 0034 Amber Maurer

In this engaging interview, we are introduced to Amber Mauer, a seasoned professional in the mortgage industry. Kevin, also a friend and colleague of Amber, sets the stage by highlighting her impressive career and ability to navigate the ups and downs of the industry. The interview takes place in Florida, where Amber resides and operates her business.

Amber is praised for her creativity, intelligence, and consistency in approaching her work. She understands the value of building a business rather than simply having a job or a career. The host admires her ability to focus on the little things and consistently do what it takes to succeed in the mortgage business.

The conversation begins with a brief discussion about the current state of affairs in Florida, with Amber mentioning the challenges of juggling summer vacations and family time with the demands of the busy mortgage market. However, she expresses gratitude for the thriving market and looks forward to an upcoming holiday.

Kevin shifts the conversation to the mortgage industry itself, acknowledging the drastic change from the prosperous years of 2020 and 2021 to the more arduous market conditions in 2022. Despite the challenges, Amber has performed exceptionally well compared to national averages.

Amber attributes her success to a strategic approach and a focus on the basics. Drawing from her experience during the market crash, she analyzed her leads and referral sources to identify the ones that consistently provided quality business. Rather than solely pursuing new referral partners, she deepened her relationships with her top 20 to 30 partners. This involved spending time with them, understanding their business, and finding ways to support and collaborate.

By investing time and effort into building trust and rapport with her referral partners, Amber has fostered strong relationships. Her partners know that she is committed to her career and is a reliable professional they can trust with their customers. This investment of time and energy has resulted in an influx of quality deals and referrals.

The interview concludes with the host emphasizing the importance of Amber’s approach, highlighting the strategic thinking, planning, and relationship-building that led to her success. Amber’s key takeaway is that rather than chasing new leads, investing in and nurturing existing relationships is crucial.

Overall, this interview provides valuable insights into the mortgage industry and the importance of building solid relationships for long-term success. Amber’s story inspires professionals in any field, highlighting the significance of consistency, strategic thinking, and investing in relationships to thrive in challenging times.

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