LOI 0010 Danielle & Ken Prost

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0010 Danielle & Ken Prost

Joining us today on Loan Officer Impact from Cold Springs, Kentucky, Danielle and Ken Prost. This powerhouse of a team closed over 250 loans in 2022 and over 300 in 2021. Everything about these two is exceptional; they’ve truly built a machine.

Danielle and Ken have been married since 2003 and reside in Melbourne, Kentucky, with their two fantastic and active boys. Danielle and Ken are committed to serving people seeking the American dream of owning their own homes.

Taking a Career and Building a Business

Ken talks about how they looked at the industry around the end of 2021 and realized there would be a shift. They decided that the best way to stay ahead of the curve was to Market, Market, Market. In addition, they fortified their relationships with their current Realtor Partners and went out to meet with new ones. These decisions, combined with focus, consistency, and being intentional, started to show their results around early March of 2021. By putting together a detailed marketing plan, the referrals just began to roll in. Not only from their previous base of Realtor/Referral partners but from their new relationships.

It’s not “Magic.”

Danielle talks about discussing with other industry professionals and fielding the question, “how are you guys so successful?”. There isn’t a Magical-Plan in action; it boils down to having a good reputation and building on that. Combined with having a dialed-down plan, they could control their interactions with their borrowers and agents, along with building out custom “journeys” inside of the CRM they use. Utilizing their Tech Stack and their Business Plan allowed them to build an incredible process that has completely changed their career into a successful business.

Patience and Consistency. Deliberate and Accountable

The formula for building a successful business is simple. Staying true to that formula can take time and effort. Ken and Danielle drill into this and share some tips and habits they’ve adopted to enable this husband-wife team to become incredibly successful. Sticking to the plan can be duplicatable – this level of success is duplicatable.

Please spend some time with us today to learn what this super-star team is doing to survive in this market and THRIVE. You don’t want to miss this episode of Loan Officer Impact.

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