LOI 0003 Ryan Miller

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LOI 0003 Ryan Miller

This week on Loan Officer Impact, we welcome Ryan Miller. Ryan has built an incredible business and path for himself and his family through perseverance, work ethic, and, most importantly, character. Ryan Miller of Success Mortgage Partners averages $25 million in production.
Kevin focuses on how Clarity as it has played a fundamental role in Ryan’s business. You won’t want to miss this week’s podcast as Ryan breaks down overcoming being content, complacency, and redefining what Clarity means to him. His business has been a total game-changer.

Having an influential Mentor help guide your business and your goals

Ryan talks about having a mentor and how incredibly important having the right mentor is crucial to keeping a positive mindset and maintaining your goals.
Not only are goals, clients, and relationships with referral partners important, Kevin and Ryan talk about Core Values, how those values are non-negotiable, and how Core Values guide your decisions to maintain a high-production business while remaining highly present in his family’s lives as well.

Are you interviewing your Referral Partners?

Ryan talks about knowing when to say “No.” When you’re trying to build your referral partner base, are you being intentional with those connections? Are you interviewing them as much as they’re interviewing you? Kevin and Ryan drill into the importance of having the right referral partners to help build your business. Work with people that fit your goals – this will change from one loan officer to the next, but are you interviewing your agents to ensure you’re a good fit?

Ryan Miller talks about the definition of wealth

“The definition of Wealth is to be rich in all areas of life.” Financial wealth building should be a cornerstone in your goal-setting activities. Talking about past experiences, Ryan talks about the importance of living within your means, investing your time and money with purpose, and try not to wear too many hats – putting your time and money in a place that creates meaningful monetary returns. Many lessons and principles that are now building wealth for Ryan were reinforced throughout the years. Actual wealth building ensures you have the most valuable thing to all of us, time.

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