LOI 0012 Meri Kligman

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0012 Meri Kligman

Today we revisit our time with Meri Kligman from our Women of Success Series. Meri joined us in the summer of 2019 as a member of our Corporate Counsel. In January 2021, Meri took on a role change and took the Director role for our Human Resources Team.
Born in Russia and immigrated to New York, Meri is well-traveled, and we’re so happy to have her on our team. From Corporate Counsel to Human Resources, Meri feels she’s found her niche within the organization.

The Director of Human Resources?

Why did we decide to showcase the Director of Human Resources on our Loan Officer Impact Podcast? Meri has an excellent perspective and a work ethic second to none. Meri works with both Operations staff and the Sales Teams daily. Understanding employment laws in each state, regulations within the industry, and knowing what’s needed to ensure smooth transitions is critical to delivering the kind of service and attention to detail that allows the entire organization to grow responsibly. We believe it’s important to remember that while the Sales Team helps keep the lights on and the doors open, the Operational Teams ensure that the Sales Team can function at a high level. An incredibly and sometimes overlooked detail in some organizations.


Kevin and Meri discuss mentorship within the organization and why it’s essential to work with and around people who offer continuous growth. Again, these concepts transcend Operations. Having goals, lifting other people, and becoming leaders in our respective fields has been a cornerstone in everything Meri does and why she’s excelled so much. Taking on new challenges and having the right mindset truly sets her apart from the rest.

Something different

We wanted to put this out there for you because we thought that this would be a fun episode for Loan Officer Impact, something different. To be able to hear from someone behind the scenes, support a growing organization, and make such a massive contribution to the lives of every person she works with. We hope you took something away from this interview.

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