LOI 0039 Rachel Tarman

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0039 Rachel Tarman

This episode of Loan Officer Impact features host Kevin Broughton and his guest Rachel Tarman, a successful business development representative (BDR) in the mortgage industry. Kevin introduces Rachel as someone who has achieved remarkable success in a role that few have mastered. Rachel works as a BDR for VIP Mortgage in Arizona, and she has excelled in building connections and partnerships with real estate agents to generate business.

Rachel shares her journey into the mortgage industry, initially hesitant due to her lack of comfort with numbers. However, her skill in building connections and a background in education led her to become a BDR. She discusses the challenges she faced during her first year, learning to navigate the role as there were few established standards for BDRs at that time.

The conversation delves into Rachel’s approach to adding value to real estate agents. She emphasizes the importance of understanding an agent’s business pillars and finding ways to enhance their existing strategies. Rachel provides insights into helping agents improve their current practices and outlines her strategies for effective follow-up and communication.

The episode highlights Rachel’s success, having generated around $130 million in mortgage business over the last five years. Her key points of success include strategic planning, offering value, and building strong relationships with agents. The episode ends with a discussion about Rachel’s BDR training program and her real estate podcast, “Real Talk with Rachel,” which features top producers sharing best practices.

Throughout the episode, Rachel’s consultative and partnership-focused approach to business development shines, and her dedication to helping others succeed in the industry is evident. The conversation offers valuable insights for both mortgage professionals and anyone interested in understanding successful business development strategies in the mortgage industry.

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