About Loan Officer Impact

Our podcast, Loan Officer Impact, is exclusively designed for loan officers to: 

  • Learn best practices for their business from the best performers. 
  • Highlight exceptional results in a business each time we see them. 
  • Become educated on market conditions that impact their careers daily. 

Simultaneously, this podcast aims to inspire loan officers to lead extraordinary lives in EVERY area as we examine and deconstruct the Bullseye of Impact. During this series, various mortgage professionals will speak with Kevin Broughton about breaking down the seven divisions of the Bullseye: Strategic Mindset, Clarity, Focus, Execution, Force Multipliers, Leadership, and Mastery. 

Photo of Kevin Broughton

Kevin Broughton

Strategic Mindset

 Developing a strategic mindset is one of the first essential factors in creating better results for your business. In this division of our podcast series, a variety of loan officers and mortgage professionals will share their thoughts and ideas on what a strategic mindset looks like, as well as discuss the three most essential elements of developing this mindset for yourself. The first is how you think; to improve your success, you must be willing to improve your thinking. Secondly, we all manage our lives based on a series of beliefs, but how many of us have ever deconstructed or questioned those beliefs to understand what they truly are? Our guests will share how they evaluated their beliefs as a part of developing a strategic mindset. Finally, you must be able to find a balance between strategic and tactical thinking – a skill that our podcast guests are intentional about discerning every day! 


Clarity is a condition that allows you to have a clear, 20/20 view of where you want your business to go. Having clarity about your vision and your business is key to maximizing your ability and efficiency to reach your ultimate success. To build this clarity, you must be able to answer three questions: What is wealth to you? What are your driving values? What is your vision? Our esteemed podcast guests will share how they determined what wealth looks like in their lives, what values drive their daily decisions, and how they set goals for their businesses to bring clarity to themselves and their teams. 


Every day comes with its own set of distractions but fine-tuning your ability to focus on what matters most can have a significant impact on your business. When working to improve your focus, there are three practices you must learn to master. First, be sure to evaluate everything with MOLO (more of, less of) – what do I need more of, and what can I have less of to maximize my efficiency?

Secondly, learn to focus your time and energy on your HLAs (high-leverage activities) and reduce your LLAs (low-leverage activities). Making this distinction between activities and prioritizing your daily tasks according to their importance will significantly impact your productivity each day.

Finally, learn how to say “No” smartly to minimize any wasted time throughout the day. Tune in to this division of our podcast series to hear how industry experts practice and master each of these skills.  


Mastering the execution of your high-leverage activities to make progress toward your vision is one of the most critical components of making your impact in the industry. When working on mastering execution, you must look at three main components: time management, presentation, and strategic selling. Time management and focus go hand in hand regarding prioritizing HLAs to make the most of your workdays. Presentation mastery is as simple as the ability to best present yourself and your business to the people you speak to. We all give dozens of presentations daily to every person we encounter, both professionally and personally, but in terms of execution, we must evaluate how impactful those presentations are. If we are not giving our best presentation with every encounter, we often find there is an execution error we need to correct. Finally, as loan officers, we are salespeople. As salespeople, we must be strategic in how we sell ourselves and our business. The guests speaking in this division of our podcast series, ranging in a wide variety of professional mortgage positions, will share their execution strategies for mastering each of these components.  

Force Multipliers 

To increase the effectiveness of a thing or effort, you need force multipliers. Through three key force multipliers – preparation, connection, and tools – you can speed up your success and move closer to your vision faster.  

The first of these multipliers is preparation. By making the conscious effort always to be the most prepared loan officer in the room, you can take advantage of more opportunities to bring in referrals than a less-prepared loan officer, multiplying your chances of success! Secondly, the relationships and connections you make can be massive force multipliers. In this series, we will discuss how the relationships between loan officers and their realtor/referral partners can significantly influence how a loan officer’s business multiplies. Lastly, our industry experts will share the tools they keep on hand and leverage them as force multipliers for their day-to-day tasks, such as technology, marketing, and branding. 


One of the biggest challenges many loan officers face is becoming a great leader. In this division of our “Bullseye of Impact” series, our mortgage professionals will speak on various aspects of their leadership styles, and how they became the great leaders they are today. While no one leader is perfect, there are critical characteristics of leaders – such as branding, persuasion, and team building – that can help to make any individual a better leader to their team. 


The final division of our Bullseye of Impact is Mastery. While we all want to be the best at what we do, many of us live in the “good” or even “great” levels of our crafts. As loan officers, to become top producers, we must strive for mastery of loan origination, which is precisely what our guests in this piece of our series will discuss. Setting standards, choosing the right team (both professionally and personally), and creating good habits are all ways we can become masters of our profession. Hear from our guests in this portion of our series to learn how you can strategically craft these areas of your life to be a top-producing loan officer in an ever-changing industry. 

If you’re interested in learning more about leading a more profitable business and finding your path to a more fulfilling life as a loan officer, don’t miss the Loan Officer Impact podcast series, available wherever you listen to your podcasts!