LOI 0046 Rachel Lester

Loan Officer Impact
Loan Officer Impact
LOI 0046 Rachel Lester

In this empowering session, host Kevin Broughton is joined by the remarkable Rachel Lester, a shining star in the world of mortgage lending. Get ready for an inspiring tale of resilience, strategic thinking, and the power of mentorship.

Kevin introduces Rachel, a phenomenal loan professional from the vibrant state of West Virginia. He marvels at her not just for her expertise but for her outstanding character. Together, they dive into Rachel’s extraordinary journey, starting from her background in economic development and her passion for helping people create opportunities. She shares how a significant move, coupled with her determination as a single mom, led her to venture into real estate.

However, life threw challenges her way, including a battle with breast cancer. Rachel’s spirit remained unbroken, and she eventually transitioned into mortgage lending. She talks about navigating the complexities of the industry, from facing a challenging market to building a highly successful team. Rachel emphasizes the importance of strategic thinking, mentorship, and the relentless pursuit of finding solutions.

Kevin highlights key takeaways from Rachel’s story: the significance of strategic thinking, the importance of saying “yes” and finding opportunities, the impact of having a mentor, and the power of confidence, attitude, and belief. They discuss the essence of leadership and core value alignment in building a high-performing team.

Rachel shares her daily success plan, emphasizing the role of accountability, communication, and trust. Kevin emphasizes the value of creating abundantly referable experiences and the impact of loan officers in guiding clients through one of life’s most significant decisions.

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